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Rindala Pereversev

28 May 2017

Rindala is from Damascus and was awarded a scholarship to attend UWC Maastricht in 2010

How would you describe your UWC experience so far?

UWC is a family that makes the entire world its home. Regardless of where you come from, what religion you believe in, or how rich you are! Once you’re part of this family, you can be YOU in a place where other exceptional people share their stories, traditions and love. It has been one of the most challenging, yet interesting experiences in my life. I recommend hardworking, creative and tolerant individuals to apply because UWC can be the place for anyone who is ready for it.

Tell us about one of the activities that students take part in, in a UWC?

At UWC Maastricht, we have 'Culture Weeks'. It is a time in the year where each region of the world introduce and share its culture with the rest of the school. Each cultural week, the school turns into a big Carnival where everyone is dancing, eating and singing. In the opening of each cultural week, there is a flag show in which all the participant students hold their countries' flags and play some really touching music. For some reason, all students break into tears every time we have a flag show. We have had 4 cultural weeks so far and we still get excited and touched as if it was the first one we have. I think it is only natural to be overwhelmed in these situations, since it is rare to see countries unite and celebrate their culture. Cultural weeks are just one example of the many fantastic activities in a UWC. 



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