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UWC Syria application cycle for 2023 is now closed. Next cycle will open in Sept, 2023!

  •   “We’re giving students a formative experience by putting them on a journey of discovery. My 17-year-old self had no clue who I was. The greatest gift we’re giving them...

  • We believe that everyone can play a role in making the world a better place, whichever path they choose. So we offer a challenging and broad education that will help you get the qualifications you...

  • United World Colleges (UWC) is a global movement that makes education a force to unite people, nations and cultures for peace and a sustainable future.  At UWC, we inspire young people to...

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What's happening at UWC

  • Rabie Abo Taha

    Rabie graduated from UWC Dilijan in May 2019.

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  • Engy Jarrouj

    Engy was selected to attend UWC Mostar in 2019.

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  • UWC Syrian Alumna Farah Haddad fights for Syria's Children

    Farah Al Haddad ‘13 has been tapped as a founding member of an international Education Crisis Committee, a group of youths who will lead the call of young people around the world for a robust and urgent response to education crises, starting with the one million Syrian refugee children.

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  • Rindala - "Mémoires à venir"

    Rindala Pereverzev participated in a round-table on the findings of a survey “Mémoires à venir” (Future Memories) conducted by the Fondation pour l’innovation politique and the Fondation pour la Mémoirede la Shoah.      

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  • Give a Rose for Syria

    To provide a deeper insight into the matter of the Syrian refugees, Diana, Syria, UWCD’17, initiated the “Give a Rose for Syria” day, during which she handed out 80 roses and 4 different stories, told by people who come from four different provinces of Syria, signifying a prayer for Syria to overcome these terrible times that have numbed the Syrian population.

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  • Neveen Abu Elula

    Neveen was selected to attend Li Po Chun UWC (Hong Kong) in 2013.

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  • Miryam Naddaf

    Miryam was selected to attend UWC Atlantic College in 2013.

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  • Sarah Salloum

    Sarah was selected to attend UWC Maastricht in 2013.

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  • Khaled Khalili

    Khaled was selected to attend UWC Costa Rica in 2012.

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  • Abdul Rahman Alloush

    Abdul Rahman was selected to attend UWC-USA in 2012.

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  • Layth Youssif

    Layth Youssif was selected to attend Pearson College (UWC Canada) in 2011.

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  • Grace Makhoul

    Grace was selected to attend UWC in 2012. This short interview was conducted when Grace was a student at Pearson College (UWC in Canada).

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  • Abd al Rahman al Assad

    Abd al Rahman was selected to attend UWC in 2011. This short interview was conducted when Abd al Rahman was a first year student at UWC Maastricht, in the Netherlands.

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  • Farah Haddad

    Farah was selected to attend UWC in 2011. This short interview was conducted when Farah was a first year at UWC-USA.

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  • Rindala Pereversev

    Rindala is from Damascus and was awarded a scholarship to attend UWC Maastricht in 2010

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  • South China Morning Post interviews Neveen Abu Elula

    An article was published on November 3rd, 2013 in South China Morning Post about Neveen Abu Elula. Neveen, an 18 year-old Palestinian refugee in Syria, was one of the students chosen earlier this year to attend Li Po Chun (UWC Hong Kong) school by the Syrian National Committee.

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  • Reflections of UWC Syria Students 2011 

    Rindala Pereverzev, Abd al Rahman al Assad and Farah Haddad share their exprience in UWC.

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  • Layth Yousif's Creative art project

    In honor of Lester B. Pearson, the Canadian prime minister after which Pearson College (UWC Canada) was named, Layth Yousif decided to work on a creative art project. Leo, as he's called by his friends, managed to do a portrait of Pearson using over 1,000 Rubik cubes! Read the full article here.

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  • Abdul Rahman Al-Assad TedEx Lecture

    Abd al Rahman Al-Assad, second-year Syrian student at UWC Maastricht, held a TedEx lecture titled "Education Beyond Classrooms". The lecture focused on the importance of education outside schools and the role of education in building tomorrow's world.      

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