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Abdul Rahman Alloush

28 May 2017

Abdul Rahman was selected to attend UWC-USA in 2012.

1. How would you describe your UWC experience so far?

UWC is the place where doors are open for you to be creative, reasonable, and affective. They will surround you with a region where you will be able to produce, unleash yourself, and leave your imprints on the world. It is hard to explain how 211 students from 80 nationalities, from all around the world, together, are on the same land and eating on the same table. If you are in UWC you are living the history and the future. On the other hand, the academic side is not easy, especially for non-native speakers given that there is also CAS [Creativity, Action, Service] to do.

2. Tell us about one of the activities that students take part in at a UWC school?

Activities at UWC are unlimited; nevertheless in UWC-USA you can create your own activity and get sponsored as long as others show interest in the project. One of the activities that I do in UWC-USA is community work crew, which is basically volunteering to help an organization to build houses for people with low-income. Sometimes, it is not only volunteering to build houses, you can also help in farming or anything that is going to make the society better.

3. What challenges have you faced so far and how are you facing them?

One of the biggest challenges is the language level. Also, there is homesickness, especially nowadays with what is happening in Syria. However you always find the support from all the people at the school as if they have the same problem as you… they share it with you and even could join you in your sadness.