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Khaled Khalili

28 May 2017

Khaled was selected to attend UWC Costa Rica in 2012.

1. How would you describe your UWC experience so far?

For me, it has been a short time to actually know what UWC is about, but so far I can say that it is something indescribable. When I have to put it in words I try to say how crazy, strong and unique it is and how it is so full of unexpected life experiences, which could teach you how to be Independent.

It creates feelings that you can’t describe by words; for example, that feeling when you wake up every day to find yourself in a room with two different guys, from two different countries!!! Or instead of having your breakfast listening to your local news with your family at your house, you will do it with 180 students from more than 80 different countries in a big hall talking about world wide news, not from TV or Internet, but from people that in fact, live there.

2. Tell us about one of the activities that students take part in at a UWC school?

One of the most remarkable activities here is the Culture Week project. There are 3 or 4 of them per year, and each one of them talks about a continent or some area around the world, like the Culture Week of Asia, North America, Europe, the Middle East… etc. It is one of these activities in which students do all kinds of things: presentations, TED talks, dinners, parties, and some special activities and games from that region.

3. What would you say to a person considering applying to study at UWC?

Although I am miles and miles away from my family, my friends, and my country and although I am living on a different continent, now I am living with young mature people from all around the world and I am sharing with them my culture and getting introduced to theirs. I feel the freedom to speak and engage in arguments about my ideas where I actually can reach a result. I will be living for a long time having the full responsibility of my life from all aspects. All of these facts with a lot more gather together to shape this amazing opportunity that you can’t have anywhere else. I am constantly trying my best to tell my friends and all the young people all around the world that when they dream about a place like UWC, they should stop dreaming and rather wake up to realize that such a thing exists. It is a chance that they should do their best to have, so they can experience and live what I am having right now at UWC. 



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