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Selection Process

Students are selected for UWC based on their personal qualifications and engagement alone. Selection is based independently of a students' religious, ethnic, social or economic background. 

The selection process in UWC Syria is divided into three rounds:

  1. An administrative check to ensure eligibility based on nationality, age, and academic qualification
  2. Qualified applications get reviewed and shortlisted applicants are invited to take a test (in English and Arabic languages, mathematics, and general culture)
  3. Applications are reviewed again with the test results and shortlisted applicants are invited to a personal interview. Additional interviews may be conducted if needed.

During the selection process, we put weight on the following:

  • Intellectual curiosity and motivation.
  • Academic ability to benefit from a challenging educational programme in English. 
  • Active commitment and ability to act on one's own values as well as learn about and confront the values of others. 
  • Personal responsibility and integrity.
  • Motivation to attend a UWC.

Candidates will be notified by email after each stage.